Elk Creek MetroPark

Located in Madison Township, Elk Creek MetroPark, with over 800 acres, became the largest park within the park system on November 21, 2016.

On this date, a 456.3 acre parcel of land known as the Meadow Ridge Area of Elk Creek MetroPark was combined with the 352 acres in the Sebald Park Area. The Sebald Park Area of Elk Creek MetroPark has been owned and managed by MetroParks since 2014.

This beautiful natural setting provides views of the wooded hills and rolling meadows forming the walls of the creek valley while the open lawn areas of the park serve as recreation space for park customer/owners using the park’s 10 covered picnic shelters and multiple playgrounds for children. Hiking trails are routed throughout the woods and along Elk Creek, which runs the length of the park.

Motor Vehicle Permit Required. FREE to Butler County Residents. Non-Residents $5/daily or $10/annually.

Public Listening Sessions and Online Input to Preliminary Master Enhancement Concept Plan

All stakeholders and interested parties were invited to provide input about how the Meadow Ridge Area of Elk Creek MetroPark and the combined adjoining Sebald Park Area will be used at 2 public listening sessions. MetroParks provided an overview of the combined properties and received input regarding activities and amenities that the public would like to see included in a master plan.

MetroParks is currently looking for feedback regarding the Preliminary Master Concept Plan for Elk Creek MetroPark.  To view the proposed plan and provide feedback regarding the plan please click on the link below.  MetroParks will be accepting comments until through July 31, 2017.

Click Here to View Preliminary Plan & Provide Comments

Things to do in Elk Creek Metropark